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Case Study One - Strategic Plan for European Growth

The Challenge

The client was a publicly traded software company with superior XML-based software. Their product was selling well in the US, but not overseas although a European office had opened more than a year before. New management was brought in, and they needed assistance in formulating a successful European approach.

Our Client's Success

We helped them to bring together their team to create company-specific plans that detailed a strategy, steps, and tasks that are currently directing their European effort. Specific results included:
  • A deeper understanding the global market for their product, and how Europe fit in to it

  • A team that worked together to share their current knowledge and perspectives to collaborate on building a plan

  • A strategy document and business plan that the team fully owned and a plan for action they fully understood

  • A set of business measures to track team performance

Case Study Two - Business-to-Business e-Commerce Infrastructure

The Challenge

An international B2B startup, looking to cut costs, came to us with a proposition: Could we use Microsoft Commerce Server to provide a fully-functional backend for their currently operational construction materials marketplace?

Our Client's Success
Based on an analysis of their current processes and software, we built a development plan that maximized use of existing Commerce Server functionality while still providing the key workflow and functional features their business required. We completed the overall build in less than two months. Specific successes included:
  • Live system within two months

  • Robust, scalable solution

  • Efficient use of extensive functionality from off-the-shelf package (Microsoft Commerce Server)

  • Cost-effective development effort focused on key enhancements

  • Sophisticated vendor and buyer interaction workflow

  • System localized for Latin American market

Case Study Three - Corporate Reporting Portal

The Challenge

A leading medical school needed project and technical management for the design and development of a complex web-based faculty biographical information system.

Our Client's Success
We helped them to design and implement a sophisiticated, fully-featured, custom administrative application designed to serve 14,000 graduate students, teachers, and researchers. Specific features of this portal application included:
  • Complex security management (14,000 users, 2000 managers, 23 organizations, multiple departments and sub-departments, multiple proxies for some users)

  • Bibliography tracking and dynamic link to National Library of Medicine records

  • Data interfaces with legacy HP3000 system & new Oracle data warehouse

  • Administrative reporting on research, teaching, and publications
Later, they brought us back for a follow-on project to upgrade the application as part of their new overall architecture initiative, moving it from a Java-based environment to Microsoft ASP/COMs.

Case Study Four - Internet Publishing Company

The Challenge

A publishing business came to us with a challenge: to transform their in-house process, that relied on desktop software and extensive manual intervention, and to make it available to customers over the Internet.

Our Client's Success

We identified the scalable, stable technologies that would provide a basis for an enterprise system. Then we built a working prototype that tackled the most difficult technical problem of the project: how to create real-time, typeset-quality print formatting through a web interface. From there, we proceeded to build a breakthrough internet application that fully met their requirements. This system provided their company with:
  • Fully internet-enabled system

  • 1000% improvement in production time

  • Collaborative document management

  • Secure management of vendor assets and workflow

  • 6 million + images and documents created and managed

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